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               The Executive Committee of NCERT had taken the decision, at its meeting held on 14 and 19 July 2004, to revise the National Curriculum Framework, following the statement made by the Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development in the Lok Sabha that the Council should take up such a revision. Subsequently, the Education Secretary, Ministry of HRD communicated to the Director of NCERT the need to review the National Curriculum Framework for School Education (NCFSE – 2000) in the light of the report, Learning Without Burden (1993). In the context of these decisions, a National Steering Committee, chaired by Prof. Yash Pal, and 21 National Focus Groups were set up. Membership of these committees included representatives of institutions of advanced learning, NCERT’s own faculty, school teachers and non-governmental organisations. Consultations were held in all parts of the country, in addition to five major regional seminars held at the NCERT’s Regional Institute of Education in Mysore, Ajmer, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar and Shillong. Consultations with state Secretaries, SCERTs and examination boards were carried out. A national conference of rural teachers was organised to seek their advice. Advertisements were issued in national and regional newspapers inviting public opinion, and a large number of responses were received.

For full text Report on NCF-2005 click NCF-2005


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