Library KV AFS Kasauli

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Library Rules



  1. All the students and staff members of the School are members of the Library.
  2. A student can borrow only two books at a time for a period of one week.
  3. Re-issue of books by a user is allowed maximum twice more after first issue.
  4. Books issued are to be properly looked after and returned on the due dates, failing which a fine of Re. 1/- per day will be charged.
  5. All markings, underlining, annotations or defacing of books by any means is strictly forbidden.
  6. Reference Books, Current magazines, periodicals, newspapers are to be read in the library only as they are not to be issued.  However, the old issues of the magazines may be issued for one week, one at a time.
  7. Students will come to the libray for books only in their library periods (Except X & XII).
  8. Students of Board Classes i.e. X and XII may come any time during the school hours for issue of books.
  9. In case a user loses a book he/she would have to either replace the book or deposit three times the price of the book in the library.
  10.  All the users are advised to achieve the optimum level of library utilization.

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